We work with partners to improve systems of detection and care for people with sickle cell disease (SCD). We teach healthcare providers, patients, hematologists, nurses and others how to use quality improvement techniques to implement:
  • Timely acute care management; 
  • Better coordination of care; 
  • Better transition from pediatric to adult care; 
  • Improved screening, counseling, and education for individuals with SCD and trait; 
  • Enhanced education for providers on treating, assessing and monitoring SCD.
Some of the successful approaches we use include sharing knowledge and innovation with healthcare professionals; building partnerships across traditional professional borders; partnering with families and patients; and spreading sustainable practice improvements in care settings. We also assist in developing tools to improve care, such as pain plans for emergency rooms to follow to reduce distress of SCD patients.

The result of our work: More practices across the country are making measurable, sustained improvements to improve care for patients with SCD and their families.

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View our collection of videos that inform and help people with sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease, and the healthcare providers that care for them.

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